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Concert Attire

Choir members should not wear perfumes or scented after shave lotions for performances. Deodorants should be unscented or have a light scent.  Students will be standing close together during concerts and strong scents can provoke allergies or nausea under the hot stage lights.


For all Students to be worn under their robes:



  • Black dress pants

  • Black dress shoes 

  • Black socks

  • Black plain tie

  • White long sleeved dress shirts 



  • White blouses 

  • Knee length black skirts

  • Black character shoes - 1 1/2" heel, no t-strap (these can be found at,, and for about $20-$30)


CONCERT CHOIR (9th grade) will wear choir robes provided by the school for performances.  


CHORALIERS, CHANSONETTES (Women’s Chorus), and VARSITY CHOIR (Men’s Chorus) wear choir robes and stoles provided by the school. Women wear character shoes.  For a uniform appearance, ALL choir members are expected to wear the Concert Choir concert attire underneath their robes.


CHAMBER CHOIR are responsible for the purchase of their performance attire.  Men wear black tuxedos and white shirts to performances with matching vests and ties.  Black patent shoes and black dress socks are worn.  Women wear formal dresses, matching jewelry and shoes.  Every effort is made to keep costs down.  Students are involved in the selection of their attire.  Costs run $200-$250 for the complete outfits.

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Helpful Reference
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