Volunteer Form

How would you like to help out the SME Choir Boosters ?  Please sign up as many times as you'd llke.

We appreciate your time and assistance.
Two for each choir  - Recruit ushers for one concert per year servce, serve as liaisons for parents with questions.
Will work with Mr. Foley to plan and execute the spring performance.  Many volunteers are needed, such as publicity, posters, programs, costumes, etc...

Help assign robes and stolls and to assist students in keeping them organized and in good condition.  Lite sewing also needed.

Plan and Organize the Senior Spotlight, scheduled for spring, 2014.

Volunteer to assist with various choir activities/events throughout the school year, ie: (chaperone for bus trips to choir festivals, Chipotle tour, Chansonettes Day Tour, usher concerts, assist with the Concert Choir Breakfast, etc...)
General Volunteer:
Spring Concert - Committee
Choir Representatives
Robe Coordinator & Committee
Senior Spotlight Coordinator and Committee